'gloppaddagloppadda' is inspired by the "glopitta glopitta machine" (phoenetic: 'gloppaddagloppadda') in the movie "How To Murder Your Wife" starring Jack Lemmon and Terry Thomas. The core nature of gloppaddagloppadda music is the inclusion of self-generating original loops - no matter how subtle, whether natural instruments or processed sounds. You can hear a simulation of the "glopitta glopitta machine" on the track 'daily grind.'
gloppaddagloppadda never use generic sounds except where they are acoustic. It's a physiological exploration between our biological organs, psyche and various resonances and feedback, exploiting the spectrum of our audible range. "We feed natural, borrowed, found and generated sounds through unpredictable processors that generate new discoveries beyond what we could ever imagine as artists. Even if we're not that keen on some outcomes we'll usually let them have their validity."
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