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01 dawning
05 aaandrelaaax
04 rush hour
03 daily grind
02 early push
(samples only)
daily grind (2010)
Daily Grind is something everybody experiences at some point. Dawning awakens us in a reluctant stupor, unwilling to stir yet trying to summon the energies to face another day of toil. Early Push accompanies our race to get the blood pumping around the body to circumnavigate the rat run before we even commence our daily work. Daily Grind is a cacophony of environmental interruptions subliminally punctuating our work space. In the background, rebounding from the ionosphere over the Atlantic, we hear intermittent snippets of Kurt Vonnegut on long wave radio, reading his first draft of Breakfast Of Champions, asserting we are all robots. Then it's a panic to maximize our leisure time, or to see the kids before they retire, through the second salvo of daily Rush Hour. Aaaaand finally we can relax with a therapeutic stroll across the rolling hills above Bacup, Lancashire to encounter the lulling sonorous whistling of the wind flowing through the branches of Tonkin Liu's 'Singing Ringing Tree' sculpture. 
International Times review by journalist, anthropologist & recording artist Keith Rodway
"...bravura project of an often alarming intensity - by turns dark, foreboding, intriguing, unsettling... electronic music of this kind is essentially conceptual, playing an intellectual game with its audience, taking her on a trip through unfamiliar, uncharted sonic realms, dropping her back home in time for tea... Formidable...  fully loaded with its own psycho-acoustic properties to transport you beyond the realms of the mundane."